Thursday, December 25, 2014

Social Science: An academic paradox

In ancient Sanskrit Literature, all the great writers like Kalidasa, Bharavi, etc. have written their epics with popular Gods as their protagonists, not because of their religious faith, but because they wanted to leverage the popularity of gods like Krishna, Shiva, etc. That's pretty typical, isn't it? Your titles and headlines should be catchy, right? Anyone from Media would know for sure.

Now that's very similar to our modern day Social Scientists. They used the word "Science" as suffix not because they have a strong unshattering faith in principles of Science, but because they want to exploit the potential of the word "Science". Science must not be reduced to study of natural facts, its an attitude of looking at our environment, an attitude which shook the foundation of Catholic & Protestant Church, and ushered in a new age called Modern age. Copernicus and Kepler weren't just some astronomy guys, they affected social institutions and social facts more than Jesus Christ or Neo-Jesus Mr. Marx! This attitude is now famous as "Rationality".

But our Social Scientists don't have this attitude at their core. They rather just chose to piggyback on the charisma and acceptance of Science. Very often we'd see people questioning the notion of "generalization". Now anyone who has even iota of faith in Scientific methods, would know that Science is essentially about seeking a pattern in things and finding a reason of that pattern and then making prediction.  

Saturday, March 30, 2013

why we should be investing our 20s in relationships

I have invested few very prime years of my life in "relationships" per se but I certainly don't think if relationships should be in one's to-do list. One should rather be investing these years in something exclusive and productive. [BTW EQ does matter only when you have an IQ and attitude above a threshold! that's why when it comes to discuss EQ we start with people like Steve Jobs, we don't discuss bus-conductors and clerks].

We need to understand and accept that West lives under the fear of dying alone which is pretty far from a possibility in India. They have invested past 200 yrs in breaking relationships ( of all kind) and develop individualism and now they are on firefighting mode and trying to undo what they have done... so there concerns are sufficiently different from ours.You'd rather have to go thru a lot of social and peer pressure to stay single all your life. But yea, we do learn shitload of new stuff in different relationships! But I am not sure if its worth it because ppl always come up with different reasons to give up.:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I hate Rachel Green - Vol. 2

wow! I had almost forgotten, how much i hate ya Rachel fuckin' Green. It's been 4 years, my hate for you is still burning in here.It took me two years to recollect my hate, consolidate it and indite it in my blog. I could live on this hate for you forever.Nothing could pacify.After watching 9x13, i eactly realized the volume of hate i carry for ya. I'm not leaving this world without punchin ya on your fuckin' ugly face.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

the visionary

I must call myself a visionary man, whatever could have gone wrong, went wrong :). I rejected the truth, truth reciprocated and rejected me. I tried to challenge Acharya Chanakya, the great man born with nothing but comitment and nationalism who founded and administered the post powerful nation of the world when Jesus wasn't even born. I was bound to fail.
It took its time but did come back with a solid blow.

Find out the truth objectively
Understand it, accept it without any biases or hard feelings
Try to change what you think could be changed
rest all is fine

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr. Chidambaram (Shivraj Patil Reloaded) ! Either do something or atleast stop talking and instigating the maoists.

Around one and half year back Mr. Shivraj Patil-I resigned as HM 'cause of 26/11 and his repetitive statements and expression of sorrow and shit, and the Ministry of Home affairs was handed over to the Shivraj Patil of the Finance Mr. Chidambaram by the PM Manmohan Singh (The Shivraj Patil of the whole government).
May be it's the time for our HM Mr. Chidambaram (or may be could also call him Shivraj Patil Reloaded ) to stop talking and do something if possible. It's been quite noticeable that the loss the nation made in past one year (after HM's new approach to counter left-wing-extremism) in this "people's war" is way too much than what we have lost in last 42 years of naxalism. Naxalism was always here (since 1967) but since the SHIVRAJ PATIL-II took up the issue, he kind of instigated them, and the death toll had shot up like hell. Lately the whole media business is continuously rallying around Naxal attacks on our jawans and HM's humble request to "quit violence and sit and talk" and commitment of "not using the air force". I guess may be this time the HM "Mr. Shivraj Patil Reloaded" could book a conference room and talk the Maoists to death like what they are trying to do with insurgents in J&K.
The annihilation of almost the entire Alpha Company of the Central Reserve Police Force's 62 Battalion, which lost 74 of its 80 personnel in an ambush at Chintalnar, is the largest single loss Indian counter-insurgency forces have ever suffered.
Many in India's police and paramilitary services say that the annihilation of Alpha Company — like the many similar disasters which have scarred New Delhi's ongoing anti-Maoist offensive — is an inexorable consequence of an ill-planned, tactically unsound counter-insurgency mission.
Like most of the estimated 57 battalions of Central police forces pumped into Maoist heartlands over the last year, the 62 Battalion had a simple mandate. It was to clear the Chintalnar area of insurgent groups, hold the territory to ensure that Maoists were unable to re-enter, and, finally, prepare the ground for developmental projects by civilian agencies.
In practice, none of the elements of the United States-inspired “clear, hold and build” doctrine ran according to plan. Much of the battalion's energies was spent on securing the single, ramshackle road that linked their outposts on the southern fringes of Dantewada, bordering Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, to the CRPF's logistics chain. More personnel were tied down to guarding their camps against attack.
For the first several months of its tour of duty in Dantewada, the 62 Battalion was unable to execute meaningful offensive operations. That was supposed to have been the task of the CRPF's CoBRA force, an elite jungle warfare formation recently renamed the Special Action Force. SAF operations, though, were scaled back in response to allegations of human rights violations. For all practical purposes, the 62 Battalion was doing little other than guarding itself.
Pressured by its headquarters, the 62 Battalion ramped up offensive operations. But, untrained in specialist jungle warfare skills and operating in company-sized formations, its personnel had limited success. Notably, the Battalion was unable to prevent the large-scale laying of mines and the massing of the hundreds of guerrillas who were eventually to destroy it.
Late last week, Alpha Company was sent out on another search-and-destroy mission into the forests. When insurgents opened fire on its personnel, they responded in textbook fashion, taking shelter behind rock formations, trees and in ditches. Each of the likely positions was, however, already fitted with pressure-triggered improvised explosive devices. An armoured vehicle sent in to evacuate casualties was destroyed. Alpha Company was, quite literally, blown apart.
Bar its scale, there was nothing new in the Maoist ambush. Police fighting in regions as diverse as Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh had often suffered losses in tactically-similar ambushes. Back in 2003, Maoists almost succeeded in assassinating the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in a multiple-IED ambush.
The losses, experts say, illustrate that large-scale force deployments can end up creating targets for attack rather than deterring insurgents. Instead of attempting to dominate the ground, they say, strategists ought be focussing on creating elite jungle warfare units such as the Andhra Pradesh Greyhounds, who execute intelligence-led precision strikes before retreating to safe bases.
“There's a simple reason why this effort to saturate the ground with forces will not succeed,” says Ajai Sahni, Director of the Institute for Conflict Management in New Delhi. “It's called arithmetic.” The battalions pumped by New Delhi into the six worst-affected States, Dr. Sahni notes, have each some 400 operational personal available on the ground. That means fewer than 23,000 men are expected to protect 446 million citizens, living on 1.6 million square kilometres.

“It's just plain silly,” he says.

Failure to learn
Little imagination is needed to see the core irony: anaemic State police forces unable to fight the Maoists have been bolstered by ill-trained Central forces. In part, this was because the Ministry of Home and the Central Reserve Police Force refused to draw on the rich expertise available to them.
Inspector-General of Police Durga Prasad, one of the key figures in shaping Andhra Pradesh's successful counter-Maoist campaign, was given charge of raising CoBRA. Prasad had insisted that the force ought be headquartered in Hyderabad, which would have allowed it to work closely with the Greyhounds. However, New Delhi eventually decided that CoBRA's headquarters would be in the national capital — a decision that led Mr. Prasad to return, disgusted, to Andhra Pradesh.
Little effort was made for the CRPF to have an independent intelligence capability, either. The former Andhra Pradesh intelligence chief, Shiv Shankar, was among a number of officers considered for the formation of a unit — but the plan went nowhere.
Ever since Central forces began to be pushed into the Maoist heartland, these structural weaknesses have manifested themselves in escalating casualties. Instead of looking for dramatic results, New Delhi needs to focus on the slow, unspectacular task of building counter-insurgency capacity.
“We must accept that we're not going to defeat the Maoists in weeks or even months,” says a senior police officer, “and unless we start working to a long-term strategy, we may never defeat them at all.”

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The Sachar Committee’s report convincingly establishes the fact of institutionalised discrimination against Muslims in our ‘infidel’ state? But the Muslim Relief Organisation, the IRF and their types do a much better inside job in discriminating: between Muslims (good) and Muslims (bad) in Islam’s name. It’s a discrimination that’s inevitable when faith is converted into a totalitarian ideology.
“There is no compulsion in religion” (“La ikraaha fiddeen”), says the Quran. “Diversity of opinion in my ummah is a blessing from Allah,” said the Prophet. For the despots of Islam, however, not only is Islam the only true religion, “their Islam” is the only “true Islam”. No space for doubt, no question of choice.
For sensible scholars of Islam, the Shariah is only a problem-solving methodology for those who seek to unravel the Divine Intent with the help of the Quran, teachings of Prophet Mohammed (Ahadith and Sunnah), consensual approach (ijma) and critical reasoning (ijtehad). But when a methodology (Marxist or Islamic) is elevated to the status of Law — frozen in time, all fresh approaches outlawed — you cannot but end up with a totalitarian ideology that by its own internal logic must aspire to the establishment of a totalitarian state (Marxist or Islamic).
It may seem like an ugly utopia for you and me. But to the hopelessly indoctrinated, a school in Mumbai, a village of bruised and battered Muslims in Gujarat, the Swat valley in Pakistan, a country named Afghanistan, or any social space big or small will do as a laboratory for the pursuit of their totalitarian fantasy.
Fortunately for the world and for the ummah itself, when given a chance to express themselves, the vast majority of Muslims — Indonesian, Malaysian, Bangladesh, Pakistani — continue to deliver a resounding ‘No’ to the enemies of freedom and choice. But beware of the dangers of the malevolent, modern-day messiahs. Unlike the poor maulvi sahib from a Muslim mohalla, this seemingly sophisticated lot comes draped in suit and tie, speaks fluent English, swears faith in “reason and logic”, quotes from the Vedas and the Bible as comfortably as from the Quran, oozes cash and promotes disharmony and discord in the name of peace. Don’t take them lightly for many among the new generation of otherwise well-educated but theologically ignorant Muslims assume this out-of-date medievalism to mean ‘Modern Islam’.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


mashoodkk: it is surprising to see an IITian in the sangh outfit. partly may be because i have been brought up in an anti RSS environment. But even if I shed all what has been imprinted on my mind by society, environment and upbringing and look into the matter with an objective eye, I find it hard to fathom how one could be part of an organisation which is evidently communal and preaches violence. I am perfectly aware that it wont care a shit to you how others feel....(i had a few friends during by bachelors ;) ]..but definitely would like to hear from you if you wont mind speaking ........

vikas: brother..i'd love to speak out and discuss the way you'd like it to.. but ..i'd like you to be precise with terms and defintions you quote..well i've and had a lot many frineds in IITs/IIMs and even at my work who share the same ideology of Cultural nationalism with me,,..i joined RSS around 8-9 years back..and I joined RSS not 'cause of anything but it has a feelling of patriotism and discipline..

"what has been imprinted on my mind by society, environment and upbringing"

if i may say you can wrap this whole "society, environment and upbringing" thing up in one word i.e. "MEDIA",..well RSS is the only thing which has ALWAYS been demonized by act of RSS was/is never apprecialble..i directly dsicard this kind of totaly one sided and biased projection of anything..despite of anything.. i mean come on media talk about reconsidering their point of view towards Jinnah and Stalin..but RSS is still The untouchables...


you are wrong..whatever you think and say is definately important to me..'cause i see myself as a PRACHARAK so what you got against my ideology is important for me for long as you are logical and start this discussion now i'd like you to make these definition clear..
what is communal.

what is violence..
what is Hindutva.
what is culturaL nationalism.

i hope this whole discussion would be completely disassociated with the fact that we come from different communities..i'd rather like this to be associated with bein' an Indian..a responsible INDIAN..nationalism..

ciao tc:)

Mashoodkk: I consider an organisation communal and violent...........

If the organisation is responsible, directly or indirectly, in killing innocent peoples, just because they do not by birth follow the same ideology of sangh .............The organisation may give excuses and reasons which i consider lame....
If the organisation is involved in organised propaganda to incite hatred between people following different faiths, beliefs or ideas..

On a philosophical plane I also question the sacrosanctity that you people attach to nationalism. I am not against patriotism, but i am against stretching it too much. I consider humanism a more profound stand. The concept of a nation is arbitrary, it is a convention......but we humans when considered as a species, the unity has a more profound basis. Consider people living in the boundary of two nations. I think that there is no reason to consider one group as closer to us than the other just because of their nationality. Both the people share similar characteristics, cultural and biological sparing minor differences.

vikas: "On a philosophical plane I also question the sacrosanctity that you people attach to nationalism. I am not against patriotism, but i am against stretching it too much. I consider humanism a more profound stand. The concept of a nation is arbitrary, it is a convention......but we humans when considered as a species, the unity has a more profound basis.Consider people living in the boundary of two nations. I think that there is no reason to consider one group as closer to us than the other just because of their nationality. Both the people share similar characteristics, cultural and biological sparing minor differences. "

that is fine

On a philosophical plane I QUESTION the SACROSANCTITY that you people attach to MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT,

this mathematics is beyond my reach that how talkin' NATIONALISM is opposing a son of soil or anyone. We got nothing against nobody irrespective of anything,
whatsoever it is. religion, nationality or anything AS LONG AS THEY DON'T INTEND TO HARM ME. Now the thing is I am very sure that "State of Pakistan" has bad intentions for me, infiltration from Bnagla desh is hiking up everyday. India is sinophobic. Now if I teach my brothers that we should ne united and trained and committed enough to fight these invasions what's wrong in that. How am I harming anyone. If I say we should be prepared enough to fight terrorism,
naxalism or any other kind of separatism then what's wrong in that. How am I preaching killing innocent people.
you are saying HUMANISM, i don;t know what point of Nationalist agenda is anti-humanism.

We say

1. We should stop politics of disintegration on the name of language, religion, or regionalism or caste.

2. We should stop atrocities on muslim women on the name of religion.

3. We say constitution of India should treat us as merely indians ..native of India not as SANATAN DHARMI or MUSLIM or MARATHI or BHAIYA or SOUTH INDIAN or CHINKI or SC or ST.

4. We must preserve our spiritual heritage to guide nation and this world .

5. We say every single brother and sister of ours should be competent enough to both physically and intellectually to stand up for himself/herself and for the India when she needs 'em.